Episode #29: News January 21 2022

Topics include: being in Cuyahoga Falls, crazy mysterious Amazon deliveries, Level 2 snow, Gorge Dam removal, cucurbits.

  1. A ukulele, a fake turd and more: Why did Akron couple get 200 packages they never ordered? https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2022/01/16/betty-lin-fisher-akron-couple-recipients-plethora-unsolicited-packages-walmart-marketplace-fedex/9169380002
  2. Level 2 snow emergency declared in Summit County: https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/news/2022/01/17/summit-county-level-2-snow-emergency-sheriff-kandy-fatheree-weather-akron/6552958001
  3. Price tag for Gorge Dam removal is expected to exceed estimates: https://www.ideastream.org/news/price-tag-for-gorge-dam-removal-is-expected-to-exceed-estimates
  4. Krieger’s:
    1. Fresh bunched cilantro .75/bunch
    2. Free leafy greens! $2.49 each
    3. Fresh Ohio grass fed beef $5.49/pound

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